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So — Tanza’s Adventures In Fucked Up Land began way back in March 28, 2015 and nine years, 103 parts, 471 pages later — I’ve finally finished this shaggy dog of a storyline.

This started as an Alice in Wonderland type parody and went into all kinds of weird directions afterwards. When I started it, I didn’t really have an ending in mind and it wasn’t probably till #113 with the whole Etal Aznat in her hazmat suit that I thought maybe that’s how it ends. Looking at this whole thing — the beginning and ending aren’t so great — but I do kind of like the middle.

If I were smart I’d probably end this strip here since it’s probably going to go downhill from this point on — but I’m not so I’ll keep on running this thing into the ground. Hope some of you enjoyed this incredibly long, long jerk off session. Till next time!